What customers say about us

Karpenko Olga — Call Center Dott Pro

First of all, I can appreciate favorable prices, and also highly qualified technical support from A1Telecom, anytime our system administrators ask for help, they always respond in time, even if the issues are not always relevant (when the problem occurs on our side).

Our call centre works 24/7, so it is crucial to keep in touch with the support team, even in the evening and on weekends. You can count on this with this operator.

A big advantage is that you can connect as many phone numbers as you need. They always promptly replace the numbers if necessary. No protraction.

It`s such a pleasure to work with them, manager always stays in touch, and they are very accommodating, including financial matters. We would strongly recommend A1Telecom to our partners and colleagues.

Igor Chupyra — Marketing Platform LEELOO.AI

Our company is committed to quality and reliable communication. We have been a customer of A1Telecom for a long time and there are good reasons for that.

Loyalty and financial flexibility.

Promptness of reaction from technical support.

Convenience of payment methods.

And of course favorable prices.

Sometimes small problems occur, perhaps not through their fault. But I must give credit to the technical support of the vendor - the recovery is fast.

I can say for sure that the vendor is client-oriented.

Igor Dolzhenkov — Call Center Campana

It is quite typical for the market to have a situation where everything runs properly during the test connection, but then the quality drops and so does the reliability. This vendor has proven to be professional - in two years of cooperation only 2 times the problems occured, but they were promptly solved by the operator.

Qualified technical support is very important. For example, we have had suppliers, whose numbers were blocked. The call starts, but in fact when dialing the number you hear "subscriber unavailable" and the call does not reach the end user. This is no longer a problem.

The quality is high. The managerial and support teams of the company are eager to get in touch, and any questions are quickly resolved.

I would also like to note that, like any outsourcing project, prices for communication play a key role. At this point, A1 Telecom is on top of its game, both in terms of call rates and additional lines and numbers. Everything is connected and scaled in a flash and inexpensively.

All in all, we can recommend A1Telecom to everyone.