We are a telecommunications company operating in the market for comprehensive business communication services

A1 Telecom — is a team of professional telephonists and communication engineers who have united on their platform all the tools to provide quality telephony to any area of business.

Every day we ensure — the presence of qualified support and favorable prices.

Our key areas of work:

  • International/domestic telephony.
  • Live streaming worldwide.
  • Support for any conversation subjects possible.
  • Call center with wide range functionality.
  • Connection of multi-channel phones with any number of lines.
  • CDRs from all conversations.
  • Call Tracking.
  • Voice menu constructor.
  • FCM connection of the employees to the general telephony.
  • Callback widgets for websites.
  • Auto dealing.
  • Voice greeting.
  • Virtual numbers. From any country, with any number of channels.
  • Integration with any CRM.
  • Voice and SMS termination.
Our mission is to help clients earn, so that they don`t waste time and resources on technical tasks

The company's core service includes state-of-the-art solutions for the corporate segment of the market, such as:

Every month, the list of new product features grows, giving customers the most advanced business telephony capabilities. Each product is unique and is in itself a ready-made, stand-alone solution for the task at hand.

We have enough knowledge and experience to provide the IT solutions you need! If you have any questions, please contact us in any way that works for you.

We will be glad to give you a feedback!