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VoIP telephony system that features marketing functions for the entire enterprise.


Service, that allows you to expand the current telephony capacities. We provide additional carrier channels and external telephone numbers.


A virtual contact center platform is equipped with all tools, needed to take control over operators` work.

in business


Statistics and recording of all calls

Numbers without missed calls

High-quality sound transmission and reliable communication

Independence of geo-location, only the Internet is needed

There is no need for expensive equipment

Significant savings on the cost of calls

Free communication in an internal secure network

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A1 Telecom

We connect redundant lines for overload protection. Even in case of overload or accident, you always stay in touch. 99,99% stable equipment operation.

Market average

During peak load times, telephony may fail and shut down. As a result, your call centre will not be able to make calls, there will be downtime that is being accompanied by a loss of money.

Line rental

A1 Telecom

Guaranteed fee zero. Obligatory volumes zero. Simple contract. No unnecessary packages, significant budget savings.

Market average

There is a line rental, guaranteed monthly fee, that will be a perfect option for you, even if there have been no calls, or volumes need to be met to get a good price.


A1 Telecom

Our specialists can cope with systems of all architectures. Integration is possible with any kinds of software, equipment and systems.

Market average

It is expensive to maintain a strong technical department, so either inexperienced or outsourced. As a consequence, it takes a long time to respond.


A1 Telecom

Payment methods available: Bank cards, bank account, VAT. Currencies available: Hryvnia, Dollar, Euro, Bitcoin, WebMoney, PayPal.

Market average

Payment should be made only in a certain currency and payment method.


A1 Telecom

Qualified VoIP engineers always keep in touch with you. Free set-up and testing.

Market average

Support takes a long time to respond, problem solving takes up to 3 days. Communication via email.

Sound quality

A1 Telecom

Establishment of direct interconnection between 100+ providers all around the world. Carrier channels from direct vendors.

Market average

Resale of carrier channels by transit vendors, degradation of communication quality, because it is not immediately defined, who is in charge of problem.

Billing increment

A1 Telecom

Per-second billing increment. No rounding up, you can save up to six times on this point. No hidden charges, you pay only for the services, that you actually have used.

Market average

Rounding up to minutes. There are hidden charges: connection fee, rent of a SIP-trunk, excise duty, etc.


A1 Telecom

Interconnection process can take 1 day, subject to tests carried out.

Market average

Interconnection process can last long.


A1 Telecom

Wide range of topics:Finance, Forex, Health, Consulting services, Sport, Bets, Gambling, games, Leisure, Entertainment.

Market average

Carrier channels are being blocked by anti-fraud systems in case suspicious voice traffic has been detected.

Who needs IP telephony

Sales departments

Attract more customers and optimise employee control.


Increase Approve and Upsell with high call completion rate and call quality. Use the best tariffs.


Manage processes from any device and negotiate on a secure network.


Find out your best terms and benefits of using our system.


Modern tools for building strong sales teams. Handy statistics for analysis.


Comfortable cooperation and flexible pricing policy.

Modern tools for all tasks

IP-telephony functionality

IVR voice menu, call forwarding, call control and accounting, call recording and storage, DID-numbers, VIBER identification on the number, tap protection, customer identification.

Integration with CRM

Many functions become available: analytics, effectiveness of advertising channels, sales management.

Contact center functionality

WEB-interface and full call centre functionality, including agent control, time management, intelligent call distribution, analytics and automation.

Corporate networks

Citywide, national and worldwide - free and secure intra-network communications. Simple administration. Secure hardware and software.

SMS messaging

Global and local SMS channels. Voice SMS. Text2Speech.

Voice channels

Local and international voice channels from reliable service providers. DID numbers. IVR protection.

Use our free service to send encrypted messages!

Basics of
our quality

99.99% uptime, thanks to redundant lines and monitoring

Qualified and super-fast technical support

Flexible system configuration according to your needs

High quality communication using direct routes

Take advantage of the welcome bonuses from our company

Trial period

Get free full-featured test access.


Get advice from our expert to maximise the benefits of implementing business telephony.


We carry out a full audit of your telecommunications system and related business structure. Based on the results, we will customise your system to suit your business. This is our investment in your business.

Integration with CRM systems and messengers

We connect CRM, Helpdesk, messengers and other software for efficient call handling using an API-interface and ready-made applications.

Simple and transparent tariff plans

We have removed the monthly fee, mandatory volumes and other hidden fees. Per-second billiing increment, you pay only for the services that you actually have used.

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