This document sets out the rules for the collection, storage and processing of personal data organized in accordance with Ukrainian and European legislation. This privacy Policy is an integral part of the Standard terms and conditions of the service and is accepted with their acceptance. By accepting this privacy Policy, you agree to the processing Of your personal data in accordance with the rules described in it. If you do not agree to any of the provisions of this privacy Policy or the A1 Telecom Standard terms and conditions, you must not use the service any products or services provided by A1 Telecom.

Privacy policy is governed by the current legislation of Ukraine and the European Union on the protection of personal data, particularly Regulation (EC) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data "GDPR" and the abolition of Directive 95/46 / EC, of the law of Ukraine "On personal data protection" Convention No. 108 "On the protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data" and Decree № 1 of the Commission for personal data protection dated 07.02.2007 "On the minimum level of technical and organizational measures and admissible type of personal data protection". Personal data of visitors is used to facilitate the use of the site by visitors, take into account their interests, as well as to analyze the behavior of users, including in working with contractors in the field of advertising. Personal data is used in accordance with the Laws of Ukraine "on personal data protection", "on information", "on advertising", "on telecommunications", "on entrepreneurship", "on information protection in information and telecommunication systems", ND TZI 2.5-010-03 "Requirements for protecting WEB page information from unauthorized access".


Personal data is information or a collection of information about an individual that is identified or can be identified.

A1 Telecom-administration -owner of the service (site) providing services through the service

Customer (Subscriber, User) – an individual and / or legal entity, user of the service, who registered and / or submitted an application on the service

Personal data – information or a set of information about an individual who is identified or can be specifically identified.

A personal data subject is an individual who is subject to processing of her personal data in accordance with the current legislation.

Consent of the subject of personal data – any voluntary expression of will of an individual regarding the granting of permission to process his personal data in accordance with the stated purpose of their processing.

Account – a set of information about the Customer that is provided to them.

Cookies are files that contain a small amount of data that the service sends them to the Customer's web browser,and they are stored on the Customer's computer's hard drive. Cookies are used to identify the Customer during subsequent visits to the service, which in turn simplifies the interface and navigation on the site. In other cases, the service stores anonymous service information in a cookie and does not relate to the Customer's identity in any way. The customer can prohibit the use of cookies in their browser at any time, but this may lead to incorrect operation of some services


Data protection principles apply to any information about an individual that is identified or can be identified. Personal data using a pseudonym that can be attributed to an individual after using additional information must be considered as information about an individual that can be identified. In order to determine whether an individual can be identified, it is necessary to take into account all methods that will be used with a high probability, such as a branch for identifying an individual directly or indirectly. To establish a sufficient probability of using methods to identify an individual, it is necessary to take into account all objective factors, such as the cost and time period required for identification, taking into account the technologies available at the time of processing, and technological developments. The data protection principles, accordingly, cannot be applied to anonymous information, in particular information that does not concern an individual who is identified or can be identified, or personal data that has become anonymous in such a way that the data subject cannot be identified or can no longer be identified. Thus, this document does not concern the processing of such anonymous information, including for statistical or research purposes.

The Site administration assumes that the person who agrees to the processing of data has the right to give such consent ( is capable, adult, etc)

Individuals can be linked to online identifiers using their devices, applications, tools, and protocols, including address, cookie identifiers, or other identifiers such as radio frequency identification tags. This can leave hints that, especially when combined with unique identifiers and other information obtained from servers, can be used to create profiles of individuals and identify them.

The Subscriber provides consent to the processing of data by a clear statement that constitutes freely provided, specific, informed and unambiguous evidence of the Subscriber's consent to the processing of his personal data, in particular, in the form of a written application, including electronic means (at the time of creating the account, filling in the cell with a mark, selecting technical settings for services or other statement or behavior that clearly indicate the data subject's agreement with the proposed processing of personal data). Silence, automatic filling of cells with marks, or inaction, respectively, do not constitute consent. Consent must apply to all types of data processing performed for the same purpose or purposes. In the case that processing involves the achievement of multiple objectives, consent is required for each of them. If the consent of the data subject must be provided after an electronic request, then the request must be clear, accurate and not have excessively negative consequences for the use of the service for which it is given.

In order for the processing to be legal, personal data is processed on the basis of the consent of the relevant data subject or on another legal basis established by law or other legal act.

Often, at the time of data collection, it is not possible to fully determine the purpose of processing personal data, so the Contractor has the right to receive additional information from the subscriber in order to conclude legally correct contracts and agreements.

Website collects and stores only those personal data that are necessary to fulfill its obligations to the User. According to paragraph 44 of Regulation (EC) 2016/679 " on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data "GDPR" and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC " Processing must be considered legal if it is necessary for the conclusion of a contract or the intention to conclude a contract. In this regard, the site administration has the right to obtain from the client all the data that is necessary personal data for the conclusion of a contract for the provision of services in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. This clause applies to all the clauses of this document and is legally governed by the current legislation.

Disclosure of information in accordance with reasonable and applicable legal requirements is not considered a violation of obligations. The user agrees to transfer their data to the Site in order to fulfill the contracts concluded and the obligations assumed by the Site in accordance with them to provide services to the User, as well as for advertising purposes. The User's consent is expressed by specifying the information in the appropriate boxes when placing the order. it is not responsible for the information provided by the User on the Site in a publicly available form. This clause may only apply if such data transfer complies with applicable law, which is the basis for this privacy policy.

The site administration has the right to transmit personal data upon request of public authorities ( police, court, Prosecutor's office, etc.) if such data are requested in accordance with law. Also, personal data may be transferred to third parties if necessary for the conclusion of other agreements, but with the prior consent of the User.

The user has the right to access the personal data that is collected in relation to him, and has the right to change it and exercise this right freely and at intervals determined by the legal acts listed above in order to be aware of the legality of processing and check it.

The user has the right to erase their personal data on a written request, which is carried out without any unreasonable delay, and personal data must be erased without any unreasonable delay in the event of grounds arising under article 17 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data "GDPR "and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC, the Law of Ukraine"on the protection of personal data". This right cannot contradict the current legislation of Ukraine (civil, economic, tax, etc.).


To register a site User you are asked to enter personal data, email address, phone number, etc. for registration.

When registering on the site the visitor gives explicit consent to the site administration to process their personal and registration data. If the User decides to provide their personal data, they consent to the transfer and storage of this data.

A1 Telecom reserves the right to collect data about site visits or associations that pass through the site. The data may contain information about a variety of content, the duration of the user's work on the Internet.

A1 Telecom reserves the right to store personal data for a reasonable and appropriate period of time.

When working with a1call site.I use cookies. They can be used to identify the user's browser. You can save user settings and other information in these files. The visitor can independently configure the browser and its applications to reject all cookies or notify them when they are sent. Cookies are used to make a1call is safe, secure and convenient. Cookies protect the user's support for features and their security, and allow you to track violations of privacy policies and conditions by visitors. Cookies help to estimate the number and frequency of requests, as well as to detect and block users of the device who try to perform batch downloads of information from the website.

Using such Google Analytics systems and / or other a1call Analytics systems. collects statistics about site visits, such as information about pages visited, the number of pages viewed, information that was downloaded, the countries of the visitors ' trip, as well as information about the method of entering the Agency's site, etc.None of these actions is related to the visit personally measured only in aggregate.

A1 Telecom takes appropriate security measures to collect, store and process the collected data to protect it from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of Your personal information.

A1 Telecom does not sell, exchange or lease personal information of users, but may use it with the prior consent of the User in order to fulfill the contracts concluded and the obligations assumed by the Site to provide services to users, as well as for advertising purposes to third parties. A1 Telecom may provide General aggregated demographic data, not related to specific information, to our partners and advertisers for the purposes described above. Third-party service providers may use A1 Telecom to help manage their business and website, or to manage activities on behalf of the Agency, for example, mailing lists and statistical research. A1 Telecom may share this information with these third parties for limited purposes.


Personal data may be used for the following purposes:

providing services to the User;

user identification;

user interaction;

sending advertising materials to the user with their consent, and information requests;

conducting statistical research and other;

processing User payments;

monitoring operations in order to prevent User fraud and / or illegal actions.

A1 Telecom may collect personal information that is provided when you register :

order of service;

participation in a lottery or competition;

filling out our questionnaires and questionnaires;

registration of a subscriber on our website ;

when communicating with us via email or regular phone number with a warning that the conversation may be recorded.

The website a1call.I may also collect, store and process such data if such actions are necessary and comply with applicable law :

your holiday, name, patronymic;

and e-mail address ;

phone number;

timeline of service delivery;

chat conversations, your complaints about our service;

your requests in any other way to us;

recording conversations with our operators ;

a list of services that we have offered you during advertising campaigns.

Such information is collected and used with your consent, in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, within the framework of the a1call service.this information is not transmitted or disclosed to third parties and its use is limited to the purposes for which the information was collected in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy. If a part of this policy does not comply with the current legislation, the rules of the current legislation are used.